Piera – about me



My beginnings

“The pupil has a special talent for manual works.” This is the sentence that my tutor often wrote in my grade book. It was after the war, and I was eight or ten. At that time, it was very difficult to purchase any kind of colouring books or coloured pencils. When I was in school, I had the idea to paint the whole blackboard with coloured chalk during the breaks. The blackboard was a huge folding blackboard, made of three parts. What an opportunity and a joy for me to paint! Sea, beach, palm trees, elephants, birds, and many other motifs: these were my beloved objects. And thus, I went on painting the huge blackboard. When the break was over, I folded the blackboard and said nothing: “Fritz, come to the blackboard”, said the teacher, opening it and revealing my paintings. Mostly, I was afraid that I could get into trouble because we had run out of coloured chalk. But my teacher always treated my chalk consuming with indulgence.



Studies and change

During my studies of Interior Design, I was always among the best in the subjects such as Colours, Forms, and Design, but quite behind in Statistics and Accounting. After almost ten years of activity, an acquaintance of mine made me an offer: to teach arts at the Grammar School from Lippstadt. So I began to work part-time, first in one grammar school, and later in two. I enjoyed it a lot and since my work with the pupils was successful, the head of the school asked me whether I would like to enrol in a second study. I enrolled in educational sciences, philosophy, and arts pursuing a teaching certification. In 1983, I passed the graduation examination in arts (lower and upper secondary level). Shortly after that I had an accident and everything became different: After a long period of time in the hospital, I learnt how to walk again. But I needed two years for that. The disaster from 

Chernobyl reinforced my intention to leave Germany and to go to a place with no snow where I could walk safely. And so I moved to western France, in a rural region, together with my dog and remained there approximately 15 years, but with some interruptions. Many of my paintings were born there.



Back to Germany

After this colourful robinsonade in France, I am back in Germany full-time. In 2004, I had a personal exhibition with my new works in Kampen/Sylt, Kaamp-Hüs, with 23 works, 120 X 160 cm.  “Pierre in the new millennium” was the title of the presentation that was continued in the summer of 2006 with works in big formats. The whole exhibition works moved finally to the Sylter Hof Gallery where they could be admired for two years, among them there was also a series of works in the format 40x50cm.



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